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About Logicfox

We have faith in the healing qualities of Logicfox’s furniture in terms of body, mind, and soul. Logicfox team takes continuous efforts for human healthy posture as its mission, and devotes itself to building global healthy sitting as its vision. We not only focus on ergonomic chair design and development, but also constantly expand the development of products around the home.

Why is ergonomic chair important in Logicfox’s vision?

Ergonomic furniture, especially Ergonomic Office Chairs is one of the important businesses of Logicfox Product Research Development Department. Our R&D supervisor believes that the ergonomic office chair design should not only fully consider the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body, but also provide users with good support and guidance in different sitting positions.

What is Logicfox’s ergonomic chair?

In many cases, with muscle fatigue, people will unconsciously lean forward, thus increasing the internal pressure of the inter-vertebral disc. This will cause lumbar strain over time. 

Thus, Logicfox team always place people’s healthy sitting posture at the heart of our business. According to Logicfox ergonomic chair design research, different sitting positions have different forces on the spine, and lumbar health problems are also common negative effects of sitting for a long time. The stress of lumbar vertebrae, as a weak link in health, is the focus of Logicfox designers. The Logicfox team are always taking ergonomic research as a design reference.

We insist that a flexible environment can contribute to effective teamwork. By sitting in an ergonomic chair, you are able to focus without distractions from discomfort because Logicfox ergonomic chairs flow with your body and let you change a variety of adjustments.

Listen to what they say about the Logicfox ergonomic office chair

“This is a great all-day work chair. Relatively thin profile and mesh seat provide firm but comfortable support. Highly adjustable for the perfect fit and the head rest is a nice touch for long meetings that require a lean back.”

Ergonomic Chair Pro

“The chair cushion is supportive but not hard. The back mesh allows airflow and is well positioned for support. The lumbar support is spring loaded and moves with pressure to assist in keeping good posture.”

Ergonomic Chair Task

“The chair is more on a stiff side than a fluffy side, but that is the point. Adding the back plate will help your back in the long run. I got fully used to it by Day 2 and now very glad I invested.The elegant, modern look is a great touch as well.”

Ergonomic Chair Task

*Reviewer may received a complimentary test product for the purposes of this review.

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