Ergonomic office chair 003
the combination of pragmatism and elegant design

Colors and materials

The color matching and material selection of products are very important for a workspace or home environment, which not only affects people's aesthetics, but also regulates the space atmosphere through people's perception, vision, touch and other behaviors. Logicfox insists on taking design innovation as the leading factor. We believe that excellent design must be simple and detail-oriented. Eiffel ergonomic chair from creative research and development to product landing, from materials to color matching, we pursue the ultimate craftsman spirit for every point and line of the chair.

Visible design

Every element you see and feel is engineered to increase mobility and eliminate pain. Because everything starts with health. Eiffel ergonomic chair design is inspired by the famous landmark in Paris, the "Eiffel Tower". The slender design line perfectly fits the natural shape of the human body, providing all-around lumbar support, effectively supporting the pressure of the lumbar spine, and protecting the lower back. "Waterfall" shape-designed seat pan is comfortably contoured with rounded edges for dynamic pressure distribution up to 330 lbs. Essential for freeing up any restricted blood vessels and reducing stress on the lumbar region.

Quality Assurance

Best test:

Base test: The center column may not touch the test platform during the load applications when a force of 2500 lbs is applied to the vertical support column. Remove the force, and then apply a second force of 2500 lbs for one minute, there is no sudden and major change in the structural integrity of the base.

Structural durability test: Place a weight of 240 lbs in the center of the seat, apply a force of 75 lbs at an appropriate rate between 10 and 30 cycles per minute, total 25,000 cycles, there is no loss of serviceability.

Tilt mechanism test: 300,000 cycles at a rate between 10 and 30 cycles per minute under a 240 lbs load to the center of the seat, there is no loss of serviceability to the tilt mechanism.